Oasys HR

Human Resources Information System

Oasys HR is a leading workforce management tool for streamlining human resource administration. Reliable and secure, Oasys HR enhances the entire employee lifecycle process from recruitment and selection through to professional training and development.

Your challenge

There are many important responsibilities that accompany human resource management in today's ever growing and changing organisations. Workforce capital growth makes the HR function even more important as the administrative burden of personnel administration substantially grows yet continues to require excellence in quality of service.

You are continually required to improve the efficiency and flexibility of your human resource function in order to gain more time to address real HR issues that will allow you create a more value-added, strategically led organisation.

Our Solution

Analysing human resource management and equipped with the appropriate knowledge and expertise, we translated workforce management objectives into a realistic information system which assists organisations undertake their HR tasks successfully, strengthening and sustaining their quality of service.

This affordable, easy-to-use application frees you from an awkward mix of spreadsheets, word documents, database files and cumbersome e-mail folders, while everything you need to track and monitor is readily available at your fingertips.