A promise of quality

Oasys is a Practice Management solution developed by Deloitte’s IT Services in Cyprus, taking advantage of our long-term expertise in the field, gained by the daily needs of our firm and customers and having in mind the requirements of the local service industry. Organisations today are required to continually improve the efficiency and flexibility of your organisation in order to gain more time to create a more value-added, strategically led organisation. Oasys consists of a number of modules that work together as one but that can also work as individual systems.

Oasys Modules

  • Oasys HR

    Oasys HR is a leading workforce management tool for streamlining human resource administration.

  • Oasys Online Recruitment

    Coming soon...

  • Oasys Self-Service

    Oasys Self-Service is a collection of web applications.

  • Oasys WinCost

    Oasys WinCost is a powerful costing and billing tool.

  • Oasys CRM

    Oasys Client Relationship Management allows the management of the firm’s contacts in a central database.

  • Oasys File Manager

    Oasys File Manager is a physical file tracking application.